Hollister Rally History

Why is Hollister Birthplace of the American Biker? Peter Lago, owner of the World Famous Johnny’s Bar & Grill breaks down the facts in this summary of Hollister Motorcycle Rally history and how it affected Biker Culture for generations.

Cyclist’s Holiday

This infamous image appeared in Life Magazine purportedly showing the chaos in Hollister in 1947.

A Hollister local photobombed the staged scene in an effort to stop the misrepresentation taking place.

There was a bar right there, Johnny’s Bar. I think he came wandering out of that bar, and they just got him to sit down there. I told my wife, ‘That’s not right; they shouldn’t be doing that. Let’s stand behind them so they won’t take the picture.’  But he took a picture anyhow, this fellow did, he didn’t care.

– Gus De Serpa

Gypsy Tour to Wild One

Sensationalism in media is certainly nothing new. True or not, stories of the 1947 “Hollister Invasion” spread through the media like wildfire and captured the attention of Hollywood.

Hollywood doubled down on the crazed biker story and created The Wild One… a movie that laid the groundwork for an entire genre of films that painted a less-than-complimentary portrait of the American Biker.