This latest rally cancelation got a few of us thinking this may actually be the end of the Hollister Rally once and for all.

I’m not trying to be the doomsayer here, but it’s been off and on so damn many times that people are frustrated and expect less every year. Compound that with the fact that Corbin and the other entities who attempted to keep things alive have all quit in 2022. Man, that’s a lot of history and a crap ton of heritage down the toilet in this man’s humble opinion.

So we had this nutty idea… if Hollister won’t hold a Hollister Rally, then why don’t we just have it online? Everybody’s talking about the Metaverse and how it’s going to be the next big thing, so we’ll just take the infamous Hollister Rally online and keep the history alive. A virtual event… a Meta-Rally if you will. But would anybody buy into the idea of a motorcycle rally without motorcycles? Sounds about as exciting as kissing your sister, to be honest.

Well, with a promise of top billing and title sponsorship, one man bought into it and that kind soul is none other than Mike Corbin. The man whose eponymous seat-making company was instrumental in reviving the Hollister Rally back in 1997. A man who very likely believes this is one of the dumbest ideas he’s ever heard, but wanted to support us because of Hollister’s motorcycling heritage… and because we were willing to do it on a shoestring budget.

After all, in the last twenty years, Corbin and company have invested over seven digits of their hard-earned dollars into this thing. That’s a lot of jingles and we can only assume it stings a bit to have the whole rally swept under the rug.

So with a nod to our shared motorcycle heritage (watch the video HERE for an explanation) and our gratitude to Mr. Corbin, we’re happy to welcome you to what may be one of the dumbest ideas ever… our Virtual Motorcycle Rally.